[Buildroot] longterm kernel releases: version-URI different for v2.x kernels

Rick Robino rick.robino at ipfabrics.com
Sat Nov 16 07:53:40 UTC 2013


I encountered problems automatically downloading kernel version, one of the current longterm releases.  It looks like the URL might have changed, so I thought that I would mention it here in case this fact might be news to anyone.

The longterm kernels are in a subdirectory called ‘v2/.6/longterm/vA.B.C’.  Buildroot only looks in ‘v2.6’, which works fine for standard kernels but not the longterm ones for 2.6.

Adjusting LINUX_SITE in linux/linux.mk solved the problem for me.

$ diff linux/linux.mk linux/linux.mk.orig
< LINUX_SITE = $(BR2_KERNEL_MIRROR)/linux/kernel/v2.6/longterm/v2.6.32/
> LINUX_SITE = $(BR2_KERNEL_MIRROR)/linux/kernel/v2.6/

I hesitated to submit this as a bug or a patch because the longterm naming scheme doesn’t seem consistent at kernel.org between 2.x and 3.x kernels.  But, I thought it might help others like myself who are just getting started with buildroot.

Apologies in advance if I’ve simply missed something in the configuration documentation.


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