[Buildroot] [PATCH] wvstreams: remove tcl dependency support

Andrew Ruder andrew.ruder at elecsyscorp.com
Fri Nov 15 14:45:28 UTC 2013


I mistakingly left you off the original e-mail.  Any chance you could
review the sanity of this patch?  As best as I can tell, the TCL support
is some holdover from an earlier version of wvstreams (I can't find any
references to the HAVE_TCL_H and friends in the source code) and never
linked properly anyway as wvstreams only looks for tcl 8.3.  I only came
across it as I am trying to bump tcl and started looking at packages
with tcl dependencies and found this one.

I actually have a similar patch that fixes it to find/link against tcl
8.4 or tcl 8.6 but that's when I started digging around to see what it
actually changed in the source code and never could find anything and
went with this patch instead.



As far as I can tell enabling tcl support has no affect on the actual
library.  Furthermore, wvstreams has been checking for/linking against
tcl 8.3 which has never been supported in buildroot as far as I can tell
(8.4 added in 2005).  That being said there is clearly no reason to keep
this around.

Signed-off-by: Andrew Ruder <andrew.ruder at elecsyscorp.com>

 On a side-note, I am testing a few bigger patches to get expect 5.45
 and tcl 8.6.1 added/bumped.  I haven't done a decent amount of testing,
 but figured I'd get some of the smaller patches out of the way as I go.

 package/wvstreams/wvstreams.mk | 10 ++--------
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)

diff --git a/package/wvstreams/wvstreams.mk b/package/wvstreams/wvstreams.mk
index b4f7d89..41155a7 100644
--- a/package/wvstreams/wvstreams.mk
+++ b/package/wvstreams/wvstreams.mk
@@ -22,7 +22,8 @@ WVSTREAMS_CONF_OPT += \
 	--with-openssl \
 	--with-zlib \
 	--without-pam \
-	--disable-warnings
+	--disable-warnings \
+	--without-tcl
 # needed for openssl detection when statically linking (as ssl needs lz)
@@ -38,13 +39,6 @@ else
 	WVSTREAMS_CONF_OPT += --without-dbus
-ifeq ($(BR2_PACKAGE_TCL),y)
-	WVSTREAMS_CONF_OPT += --with-tcl
-	WVSTREAMS_CONF_OPT += --without-tcl
 ifeq ($(BR2_PACKAGE_QT),y)
 	WVSTREAMS_CONF_OPT += --with-qt

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