[Buildroot] [PATCH] support/kconfig: fix 'space' to (de)select options

Yann E. MORIN yann.morin.1998 at free.fr
Wed Nov 13 21:53:13 UTC 2013

From: "Yann E. MORIN" <yann.morin.1998 at free.fr>

In case a menu has comment without letters/numbers (eg. characters
matching the regexp '^[^[:alpha:][:digit:]]+$', for example - or *),
hitting space will cycle through those comments, rather than
selecting/deselecting the currently-highlighted option.

This is the behaviour of hitting any letter/digit: jump to the next
option which prompt starts with that letter. The only letters that
do not behave as such are 'y' 'm' and 'n'. Prompts that start with
one of those three letters are instead matched on the first letter
that is not 'y', 'm' or 'n'.

Fix that by treating 'space' as we treat y/m/n, ie. as an action key,
not as shortcut to jump to  prompt.

Signed-off-by: "Yann E. MORIN" <yann.morin.1998 at free.fr>
Cc: Thomas Petazzoni <thomas.petazzoni at free-electrons.com>
Cc: Peter Korsgaard <jacmet at uclibc.org>
Cc: Samuel Martin <s.martin49 at gmail.com>
Cc: Thomas De Schampheleire <patrickdepinguin at gmail.com>
Note: I'll be running this upstream soonish.
 support/kconfig/lxdialog/menubox.c | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/support/kconfig/lxdialog/menubox.c b/support/kconfig/lxdialog/menubox.c
index 48d382e..6fc7e78 100644
--- a/support/kconfig/lxdialog/menubox.c
+++ b/support/kconfig/lxdialog/menubox.c
@@ -285,7 +285,7 @@ do_resize:
 		if (key < 256 && isalpha(key))
 			key = tolower(key);
-		if (strchr("ynmh", key))
+		if (strchr("ynmh ", key))
 			i = max_choice;
 		else {
 			for (i = choice + 1; i < max_choice; i++) {

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