[Buildroot] Few question about Buildroot from a newbie

Thomas Petazzoni thomas.petazzoni at free-electrons.com
Sat Mar 9 15:50:44 UTC 2013

Dear jana1972 at centrum.cz,

On Sat, 09 Mar 2013 15:20:24 +0100, jana1972 at centrum.cz wrote:

> 1. I have a Linux MIPS embeded device that I did not design so it uses some utilities and 
> software  and behaves somehow. I would like to make it behave in a little different way. So 
> my idea is to use the hardware but different software. Is it  possible?
> if so, where should I start? Is there any tutorial?

Get the sources of the Linux kernel for your device, rebuilt it, and
build a userspace for it with Buildroot.

> 2.When I build my software using buildroot, how can I upload it  to my embeded device?

It is entirely device-specific, so it absolutely impossible to answer
this question without knowing in detail which device you're targeting.

Beware though that a big number of consumer-grade devices are sometimes
difficult to hack on, and it may be difficult to reflash them with your
own system. It really depends on the device you're targeting.

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