[Buildroot] What to do about systemd/udev/eudev?

Thomas Petazzoni thomas.petazzoni at free-electrons.com
Mon Mar 4 20:17:43 UTC 2013

Dear Attila Kinali,

On Mon, 4 Mar 2013 20:47:31 +0100, Attila Kinali wrote:

> How about
>   (3) Wait a couple of months to see where this whole udev mess goes to.
> eudev is still pretty young and got started on the wrong foot (see the
> the very poor presentation at FOSDEM). How Lennart and Kai are treating
> non-systemd users is pretty much nazi like, IMHO and shows a great lack
> of understanding how diverse the linux ecosystem is. Not only do we have
> a lot of people who want a slim system that is easy to debug, there are
> also enough people who need to squeeze out every kB they can get. And
> these are left out by the current systemd development, because it doesn't
> fit into the vision of Lennart and Kai. 

Why the heck would people caring about every KB use udev in the first
place? Once again, we already have static /dev, devtmpfs and mdev
support, and those are *way* more lightweight than udev.

> So, to come back to the original issue, i would say just freeze the current
> version and wait a couple of months until it either becomes clear what will
> happen or incompatibilites force you to upgrade.

Our udev version is 182, released March 2012, almost a year ago.
Our systemd version is 44, released March 2012, almost a year ago.

I think we've already waited 12 months. Isn't that enough?

Best regards,

Thomas Petazzoni, Free Electrons
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development, consulting, training and support.

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