[Buildroot] Building with uClibc 0.9.28, Linux 2.6.36

piquemal michel michel_piquemal at yahoo.fr
Thu Jun 20 21:17:52 UTC 2013

Dear Peter

Just a quick note to let know (in case anyone finds it usefull at some point) one can build a reasonably approaching toochain, namely with:
- Buildroot 2010.05
- uclibc
- Linux headers
- gcc 4.1.2
- binutils 2.17
- patches from http://lists.busybox.net/pipermail/uclibc-cvs/2006-September/023471.html
- patch from https://bugs.busybox.net/show_bug.cgi?id=4171 to build root fs (but I only need toolchain)

I still could not be successful with gcc 3.4.x (probably requires binutils 2.15). Later gcc 4.3 would also fail (asset issue).

Of course I did not try all gcc combos, but that one seems decently ok.

I'm still interested if anyone has a trick to fully match linux 2.6.36, uClibc 0.9.28, gcc 3.4.2

Thanks again for your kind support.

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>>>>> "piquemal" == piquemal michel <michel_piquemal at yahoo.fr> writes:

piquemal> Thanks again Peter for your help and patience!...
piquemal> I'm almost there (very close!)...

piquemal> Buildroot 2009.08 allowed me to build a quite close toochain
piquemal> (linux 2.6.30, gcc 3.4.6, uClibC in relation to my
piquemal> target (linux 2.6.36, gcc 3.4.2, uClibC 0.9.28)


piquemal> Now I'm trying to cross-compile a helloworld sample.
piquemal> Works great in static and runs on target, but still have some building issue for dynamic linking (my end-goal to enjoy smaller binaries).

piquemal> mipsel-linux-uclibc-gcc -s -o hello hello.o main.o  -mulibc

You normally shouldn't need -mulibc. Does it work without?

Bye, Peter Korsgaard 

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