[Buildroot] [PATCH] dhcpcd: unavailable for bfin and fix another bug

Gustavo Zacarias gustavo at zacarias.com.ar
Sat Jun 29 18:26:39 UTC 2013

On 06/29/2013 09:37 AM, Thomas Petazzoni wrote:

> Yes, of course it lacks getifaddrs, but I don't see how it changes the
> point I was making originally: it is not because /some/ external
> toolchains are affected that we should exclude an entire architecture
> from building a particular package.

Oh come on!
The ct-ng sample doesn't have UCLIBC_SUPPORT_AI_ADDRCONFIG set
(default=n in uClibc upstream).
None of Analog's toolchains have it either.
There's some old Ronetix blackfin toolchain that doesn't support it either.
So that just leaves a customized ct-ng or hand-built toolchain as a
canditate, which i take it as "very unlikely" to happen.

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