[Buildroot] [PATCH] openswan: Restore -fPIE to USERCOMPILE flags

Peter Korsgaard jacmet at uclibc.org
Thu Jun 27 18:52:00 UTC 2013

>>>>> "Markos" == Markos Chandras <markos.chandras at gmail.com> writes:

 Markos> From: Markos Chandras <markos.chandras at imgtec.com>
 Markos> The default USERCOMPILE variable uses -fPIE so we bring this back.
 Markos> This also fixes linking problems for MIPS when non-PIC objects
 Markos> are used to form a PIC one.

 Markos> Fixes the following linking problem on MIPS:
 Markos> connections.o: relocation R_MIPS_HI16 against `__gnu_local_gp'
 Markos> can not be used when making a shared object; recompile with -fPIC

Committed, thanks.

Bye, Peter Korsgaard

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