[Buildroot] binutils doesn't like -elf2flt option

Arnout Vandecappelle arnout at mind.be
Tue Jun 18 16:00:03 UTC 2013

On 17/06/13 09:10, Adam Nielsen wrote:
> Thomas Petazzoni wrote:
>> Are we talking about the cross binutils (i.e the one that runs on your
>> development PC and generates code for your target platform), or the
>> target binutils (i.e the one that runs on your target platform and
>> generates code for your target platform) ?
> I'm not entirely sure.  I can run "make binutils" to cause the error, so
> I'm assuming it must be target binutils.  But then that doesn't make
> sense, because I have not configured buildroot to compile binutils for my
> target platform (BR2_PACKAGE_BINUTILS=n).

  If you explicitly ask to build binutils (for the target), then the 
value of BR2_PACKAGE_BINUTILS is ignored. So 'make binutils' tries to 
build binutils for the target.

> There is a file buildroot/build/host-binutils-2.23.2/.stamp_built so I am
> guessing that means the cross binutils worked.  So I am not sure why it
> is trying to compile target binutils?
> Here's my buildroot config if it helps:
> <http://www.shikadi.net/files/buildroot/2013-06-17.br.binutils_elf2flt_err.config>
> Be warned there are a couple of new options in there I have added myself.
> Arnout Vandecappelle wrote:
>>   elf2flt already depends on binutils (it uses libbfd), so this won't
>> work.
>> And as Thomas mentioned, this is only relevant for target-binutils
>> (which you
>> probably don't even need).
> Hmm yes, since I'm not producing BFLT binaries (as they will run on the
> host) I can see that I should not be specifying these options.  However
> since the host/cross binutils builds successfully, it seems that part is
> working.
>>   However, it looks like there is no explicit dependency on elf2flt when
>> building the toolchain. Probably elf2flt should be added to
>> make sure it gets built before all the rest.
> Would this mean elf2flt gets built before the target binutils, should I
> choose to enable it?  I am guessing that is what needs to happen for this
> to work correctly, assuming target binutils should be built.

  host-elf2flt is built before binutils, yes. (Note that host-elf2flt 
will actually be called elf2flt without the host because it has not been 
converted to the generic package infrastructure; it's also in the 
toolchain directory rather than the build directory.)


> Many thanks,
> Adam.
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