[Buildroot] qt5: No SOURCES in qmake created Makefiles

Andreas Naumann dev at andin.de
Tue Jun 18 15:37:26 UTC 2013

Dear Thomas and Charles

In order to reproduce the issue I used the beaglebone_defconfig, changed 
to linaro toolchain and activated a minimal qt5 set:

Now I have been going back in revisions and find the problem to start 
exactly when switching to qt 5.0.2 (d6b2bac qt5: bump to 5.0.2). So I 
have been looking through the release notes 
(http://blog.qt.digia.com/blog/2013/04/10/qt-5-0-2-released/) but 
nothing really rings a bell. But I'm not very knowledgable in the qt 
build framework.

So Charles, I'm interested in how you still get it working. What do you 
mean with similar recipe? Do you use the qt-5.0.2 package from 
buildroot? Which QT5 configs, toolchain, board?


Am 17.06.2013 18:57, schrieb Charles Krinke:
> Dear Andreas:
> I am using a similar recipe with Qt-5.0.2 as with Qt-4.8.2 for out of
> tree application builds, that is, exporting the PATH prefix to
> output/host/usr/bin/qmake and now specifying the mkspec in
> mkspec/devices/linux-buildroot-g++, so I can confirm this works and is
> both finding the Qt5 *stuff* and the TI es3 *stuff*.
> Now, I am using Wojeich's patch for the mkspec as it is a lot simpler
> and actually works then the one that brings in the Graphics_SDK, but
> lets assume that is not your issue.
> Charles
> On 6/17/13, Thomas Petazzoni <thomas.petazzoni at free-electrons.com> wrote:
>> Dear Andreas Naumann,
>> On Mon, 17 Jun 2013 16:13:32 +0200, Andreas Naumann wrote:
>>> when using qt4 up till now I used the output/host/usr/bin/qmake to
>>> prepare out of tree projects/examples for compilation. Worked like a
>>> charm and i was very happy being able to use a consistent toolchain for
>>> that.
>> Using output/host/usr/bin/qmake is indeed the correct way and is
>> supposed to do the right thing in terms of toolchain and flags and so
>> on.
>>> However when I try the same with the qt5 qmake binary, the the SOURCES
>>> of the .pro file (and maybe other options) dont make it into the
>>> Makefile.
>> Can you clarify exactly what happens?
>>> So running make results in "Nothing to do for target first".
>>> Have you or anybody else successfully compiled out of tree qt5
>>> applications and if so how? Or, are there any examples on writing a
>>> package for qt5 applications?
>> It has been a few months now, but when I did the Qt5 packaging, I'm
>> pretty sure I did test a sample Hello World application that was
>> compiled "out of tree" (i.e not a Buildroot package) with
>> output/host/usr/bin/qmake. There may have been some regressions/issues
>> in the mean time, though.
>> Thomas
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