[Buildroot] Randomization of kconfig choices?

Thomas Petazzoni thomas.petazzoni at free-electrons.com
Tue Jun 18 07:31:07 UTC 2013

Hello Yann,

I'm coming to the news regarding the randomization of kconfig choices?
I know you've put a lot of efforts to try to fix this problem, but if I
remember correctly so far the proposed solutions had some remaining

I'm jumping back on this topic because yesterday I helped a friend set
up a Buildroot system with X.org for an industrial PC, and we built the
Modular X.org. And I discovered that the issue that our host-python
doesn't have libxml2 support is still there, and it causes a build
failure of Mesa. And since Mesa can only be compiled (currently) when
the Modular X.org is enabled, we never see this problem in the
autobuilders because we default to the Kdrive/TinyX variant.


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