[Buildroot] Changes in the Buildroot autobuilders

Mon Jun 17 18:07:42 UTC 2013

> So, there are three possibilities:
>   - per-package _MAINTAINER variable in each .mk
>   - global MAINTAINERS a bit like the Linux kernel
>   - subscription from the autobuilder website
> My preference goes to the first, but I think the second is good too.
> I'd expect the third to be complex and too overkill for this, unless
> Thomas (which is responsible for the autobulders ;-) ) thinks he can
> handle this, of course.

I wonder if we could default to 2 if 1 is not set.  Are all packages
really owned by someone?  I would guess that there are many that just
exist and only get updated when someone needs to bump the version or
if there is a corner case.

$0.02 (USD)


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