[Buildroot] [PATCH] toolchain/crostool-NG: mark as deprecated

Carsten Schoenert c.schoenert at gmail.com
Sat Jun 15 08:23:21 UTC 2013


Am 15.06.2013 00:55, schrieb Yann E. MORIN:
> Soochaon, All,
> On 2013-06-14 16:24 -0400, soochon radee spake thusly:
>> I know I'm chiming in late here, but I actively use ctng to build an eglibc
>> toolchain within buildroot. I hope that you can retain it until Thomas's
>> successor is in and running.
> I understand your, and other's, concern, and that's why the support for
> the ct-ng backend was not removed, and only marked deprecated.

In the first I was also a little bit unhappy with this advertising of
deprecation for crosstool-NG support inside buildroot. But in the end it
is really much easier to include a external toolchain into buildroot
then keep the crosstool-NG backend running. And, as Yann wrote, it saves
a lot of time while collecting things. :-)

I pushed my current used ARM1176 Toolchain config to github and wrote
(mostly for me) some lines how to use.

The resulting archive can be used as external toolchain inside buildroot
(as local file or via http URL).


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