[Buildroot] Buildroot and {Open,DD-}WRT

Charles Musser cmusser at sonic.net
Wed Jun 5 22:16:49 UTC 2013

My (limited, but pleasing) experience with Buildroot is this:

- Configured Buildroot for the "mipsel" architecture and included (via "menuconfig") some libraries I was interested in.

- Added an additional package to build another library.

- Used the built cross-compiler to build a binary for the target.

- Popped the built application and libraries onto the target machine, which runs DD-WRT and ran them successfully.

My question is: where do Buildroot and DD-WRT (or for that matter OpenWRT) intersect? Buildroot is a complete solution, all the way to producing a flashable image. Are the *WRT distributions based on Buildroot (or use it). Can you add the *WRT sources to Buildroot and maybe take advantage of extra hardware support? How do these pieces interact (or do they)?



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