[Buildroot] Recurrent Blackfin build failure on icu

Thomas Petazzoni thomas.petazzoni at free-electrons.com
Mon Jun 3 09:38:57 UTC 2013

Dear Sonic Zhang,

On Mon, 3 Jun 2013 17:26:08 +0800, Sonic Zhang wrote:

> For historic reasons, Blackfin GNU toolchain generate assembly symbols
> with the prefix '_'. For example: _uconvmsg_dat and _icudt48_dat .
> But, the pkgdata tool in icu doesn't generate assembly file
> uconvmsg_dat.s and icudt48l_dat.s in this way when Blackfin GNU
> toolchain is used. What do you think is a better way to fix it?

Can this specific behavior of the Blackfin toolchain be detected? Is
there a typical autotools test that would allow to test this?

Adding Mike in Cc, since I'm pretty sure he has some ideas about this.

> /buildroot/output/build/host-icu- -p
> uconvmsg -O pkgdata.inc -m static -s uconvmsg -d uconvmsg -T uconvmsg
> uconvmsg/uconvmsg.lst
> .globl uconvmsg_dat
>         .section .note.GNU-stack,"",%progbits
>         .section .rodata
>         .align 8
>         .type uconvmsg_dat,%object
> uconvmsg_dat:
> ...
> In addition, I am fine to receive the test log by this email.

Ok, I'll work on this.


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