[Buildroot] [PATCHv3 02/14] arch: Refactor BR2_SOFT_FLOAT into per-architecture options

Peter Korsgaard jacmet at uclibc.org
Tue Jul 16 13:12:19 UTC 2013

>>>>> "Thomas" == Thomas Petazzoni <thomas.petazzoni at free-electrons.com> writes:

 Thomas> As we are going to introduced a more advanced support of floating
 Thomas> point options for the ARM architecture, we need to adjust how the
 Thomas> soft-float option is handled. We replace the current hidden option
 Thomas> BR2_PREFER_SOFT_FLOAT option and the visible BR2_SOFT_FLOAT option by:

 Thomas>  * A global hidden BR2_SOFT_FLOAT option, defined in arch/Config.in,
 Thomas>    that tells whether the architecture-specific code is using software
 Thomas>    emulated floating point. This hidden option can be used throughout
 Thomas>    Buildroot to determine whether soft float is used or not.

 Thomas>  * Per-architecture visible BR2_<arch>_SOFT_FLOAT options, for the
 Thomas>    architecture for which it makes sense, which allows users to select
 Thomas>    soft float emulation when needed.

 Thomas> This change will allow each architecture to have a different way of
 Thomas> presenting its floating point capabilities.

Committed, thanks.

Bye, Peter Korsgaard

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