[Buildroot] [PATCH] libosip2: arc: Undefine __arc__ when building for ARC processors

Peter Korsgaard jacmet at uclibc.org
Mon Jul 15 20:54:15 UTC 2013

>>>>> "Mischa" == Mischa Jonker <Mischa.Jonker at synopsys.com> writes:

 Mischa> libosip2 appears to have support for the "ARC standard" (Advanced
 Mischa> RISC Computing), which is unrelated to Synopsys DesignWare ARC
 Mischa> processors. The check for this involves verifying the existence of
 Mischa> the "__arc__" macro. Unfortunately, this macro is also present
 Mischa> as a predefined built-in for the ARC processors, resulting into
 Mischa> build failures.

Committed with a short comment in the .mk file about why we're doing
this, thanks.

Bye, Peter Korsgaard

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