[Buildroot] About using ti-gfx package with custom kernel

Sinan Akpolat sinan at linkas.com.tr
Fri Jul 12 13:22:27 UTC 2013

Hi Spenser,

Right now I have a little problem with module paths but I guess I fixed 

I had a problem with toolchain binary. I am using a custom toolchain but 
ti-gfx package was trying to compile with default toolchain 
(linux-arm-none-gnueabi- I guess). I changed the toolchain binary name in
and in makefile located at
(I can't find exact paths and filenames since I'm rebuilding whole 
filesystem right now)

I couldn't change it from the makefile in output/build/ti-gfx or any 
other place higher in filesystem hierarchy. According to the makefiles 
above setting CROSS_COMPILER variable should be ok but that doesn't help 

Just wanted to say I'm able to build powervr driver right now. I will 
try to solve the toolchain problem within buildroot's config/makefiles 
and send you what I did.

Also I can't seem to send mail to buildroot maillist. I guessed adding 
buildroot at busybox.net should be enough. Any ideas?

Thanks again for your help;
Sinan Akpolat

11.7.2013 18:59 tarihinde, Spenser Gilliland yazdı:
> On Thu, Jul 11, 2013 at 10:06 AM, Sinan Akpolat <sinan at linkas.com.tr> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I want to thank Spenser for his great work on TI's PowerVR driver package.
>> I couldn't test it yet and I need to ask something about that.
>> The package needs Linux kernel to be selected. However I'm using a custom
>> kernel provided by the board manufacturer. How can I make buildroot use that
>> kernel? Or what is the correct way?
>> Should I copy my custom kernel directory to output/build and change version
>> to suffix of the directory name
>> Or should I edit the makefiles and make buildroot (TI_GFX package more
>> specifically) use my custom kernel's path while compiling PowerVR drivers?
>> I guess this was discussed last month but I couldn't see how that discussion
>> ended.
>> Thanks again for the package,
>> Sinan Akpolat
> Sinan,
> The best way to do this is to use the Kernel menu to configure a
> source for your kernel (e.g. download a tarball, git tree, or patch on
> top of a specific kernel version.) However, if the vendor does not
> provide any of these methods, you can use the
> LINUX_OVERRIDE_SRCDIR=<path/to/kernelsrc> which will override the
> settings in the Kernel menu and use the local directory on your
> machine.
> FWIW: <PKG>_OVERRIDE_SRCDIR is a way to provide a source tree to
> Buildroot for any package and is a useful variable for many other
> packages.
> The kernel menu will need to know the defconfig you are intending to
> build and the load address (if version > 3.7).  If you need a custom
> defconfig, the common solution is to create a directory in
> board/<vendor>/<boardname>  with the kernel defconfig you would like
> to use. This defconfig can then be referenced by the kernel menu by
> board/<vendor>/<boardname>/linux_defconfig.
> A good reference on using Buildroot for custom projects is
> http://free-electrons.com/~thomas/pub/using-buildroot-real-project.pdf
> and the buildroot manual at
> http://buildroot.uclibc.org/downloads/manual/manual.html .
> Hope this information helps and thanks for reviewing this patch!
> Thanks,
> Spenser
> --
> Spenser Gilliland
> Computer Engineer
> Doctoral Candidate

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