[Buildroot] [PATCH v3 2/2] qt: add powervr and opengl

Sundareson, Prabindh prabu at ti.com
Mon Jul 8 19:26:21 UTC 2013

That will be due to a mismatch in the " static WSEGL_FunctionTable const wseglFunctions" in "src/plugins/gfxdrivers/powervr/QWSWSEGL/pvrqwswsegl.c", and the actual wsegl functiontable required in the WSEGL.H used in the Graphics SDK version you are using.

Can you ensure both match ? What version of Graphics SDK are you using ?


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Hello Prabu,

>>> >> - Can you also specify where the pvr2d.h and wsegl.h are picked up from (which Graphics SDK version) ?
>>> Ahh, this is something I missed while porting the patch. I'll have to look at this some more, these should be from the latest version.  I'll try to get qt to pick these up from $(STAGING_DIR)/usr/include .
> Thinking more on the above - Is it not possible to pick up the pvr2d.h and wsegl.h from the version of Graphics package used for building Qt itself ?

I'll be picking up wsegl.h and pvr2d.h from the $(STAGING_DIR)/usr/include directory which is where the powervr drivers installs these include files.

>Why does this need to be included in the patch, duplicating the file already existing in the staging area ?
> That will resolve the issue of mismatches once and for all.

It doesn't it was an oversight on my part when I was porting the patch over. The new patch (attached) now removes the files from the $(QT_SRCDIR)/src/3rdparty/powervr/{wsegl.h,pvr2d.h} files which should allow the compiler to find them in the $(STAGING_DIR)/usr/include directory.

However after removing the files, I'm getting segfaults on all demos when powervr.ini has WindowSystem=libpvrQWSWSEGL.so.1 (WindowSystem=libpvrPVR2D_FRONTWSEGL.so works fine).  What is the best method for debugging this further?

Attached is the patch.  To test you can remove the qt-wsegl2.patch and qt-pvrqwswseql.patch patches and install the attached patch into the package/qt directory. In addition, you must have the current ti-gfx patch applied.


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