[Buildroot] ldconfig - unknown machine 40

Milton Soares Filho milton.soares.filho at gmail.com
Tue Jul 2 16:31:04 UTC 2013

On 2 July 2013 08:49, Ciarán Rehill <cir.vfi at gmail.com> wrote:
> Is it normal not to supply a cross-ldconfig with a toolchain release or
> is there a standard policy on this?

I haven't found a cross-ldconfig within both sh4 and broadcom
toolchains which I have available.

> Is it possible to build the ldconfig from source without going through a
> full toolchain build process, given that the majority of the components
> already exist?

Oh, I've lamely tried a 'make host-ldconfig' before reasearching the issue :-P

[]s, milton

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