[Buildroot] About using ti-gfx package with cutom kernel

Sinan Akpolat sinan at linkas.com.tr
Thu Jul 11 15:06:32 UTC 2013


I want to thank Spenser for his great work on TI's PowerVR driver package.

I couldn't test it yet and I need to ask something about that.

The package needs Linux kernel to be selected. However I'm using a 
custom kernel provided by the board manufacturer. How can I make 
buildroot use that kernel? Or what is the correct way?

Should I copy my custom kernel directory to output/build and change 
version to suffix of the directory name

Or should I edit the makefiles and make buildroot (TI_GFX package more 
specifically) use my custom kernel's path while compiling PowerVR drivers?

I guess this was discussed last month but I couldn't see how that 
discussion ended.

Thanks again for the package,
Sinan Akpolat

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