[Buildroot] [PATCH] Makefile: unset MAKEFLAGS

Samuel Martin s.martin49 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 7 20:14:39 UTC 2013

Hi Peter,

2013/7/7 Peter Korsgaard <jacmet at uclibc.org>:
>>>>>> "Samuel" == Samuel Martin <s.martin49 at gmail.com> writes:
>  Samuel> MAKEFLAGS can carry options that make Buildroot failed, eg. '-jN'.
>  Samuel> To avoid this, unset the MAKEFLAGS environment variable.
> Unfortunately this also drops '-s' from child make invocations, making
> silent builds significantly more noisy.
> We have .NOTPARALLEL: in the top level Makefile, isn't that enough to
> ensure funky MAKEFLAGS settings? Anything else you encountered?
Seems not since, some days ago, some people complained about it on the
irc channel.
I will update the doc, instead.


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