[Buildroot] Raspberry Pi and recent commit

Guillermo Amaral g at maral.me
Thu Jul 4 23:36:17 UTC 2013

Hi guys!

I noticed that in a recent commit (3d2c99565856fa96320019dfb7b81fd18e66311f)
the rootfstype was removed from the rpi config.txt file. I had played with
removing it before in rpi-buildroot and I ran into a few issues.

One being that the kernel would fail to mount the ext4 fs if you had ext2
and/or ext3 enabled in the kernel, since it tries to mount ext2,
ext3 then ext4. It can even mount it as ext3, ignoring the journal.

I only experienced the latter, the first was reported to me by a user of

Just wanted to warn you guys, maybe it was fixed or something, I haven't had
time to test out master.

Also, I always wanted to ask, is there any reason you guys didn't place the
rpi firmware under boot? That's where I put it, seemed like the logical place:


Anyway, keep up the great work! I love the project.


gamaral http://about.me/gamaral

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