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Willy Lambert lambert.willy at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 09:03:21 UTC 2013

2013/1/24 Stephan Hoffmann <sho at relinux.de>:
> Am 23.01.2013 18:08, schrieb Willy Lambert:
>> 2013/1/23 Peter Korsgaard <jacmet at uclibc.org>:
>>>>>>>> "Willy" == Willy Lambert <lambert.willy at gmail.com> writes:
> snip
>>>>>>>>  Willy> I can propose you a patch to be abble to select different version a
>>>>>>>>  Willy> boost in config menus. But I'm not sure that the current mk can handle
>>>>>>>>  Willy> other versions.
>>>>>>>> We normally don't support multiple versions of a package (except for a
>>>>>>>> few minor exceptions) as that very soon becomes a support headache. Why
>>>>>>>> would you want more than 1 version?
>> Because I need boost for another framework, that is not supporting
>> latest boost versions for now. And mainlining lastest boost support
>> there is not an option (it is at best a parrallel work to do on my
>> side, but I can't be on all fires ^^). And even if it compiles, I
>> don't want to play with versionning incompatibilities beetwen boost
>> and my framework. I need the 1.42.0 version.
> Hi,
> isn't this a perfect use case for the source override feature?
> Regards

I'm sorry but I don't understand what you mean but "source override
feature", could you explain this ?

> Stephan
>> The idea is not necessarily to maintain all boost versions, but if the
>> same script can handle several one, it's a pity to just propose the
>> last one.
>> Said differently, I have written the part that allow to choose a
>> version on the model of config files that choose kernels. If you are
>> interested in them I'll send you a patch. If you think you are Ok with
>> editing the boost.mk by hand I'll keep my patch locally.
>>>  Willy> I personnaly put Boost in Packages->Librairies->Boost. It is currently
>>>  Willy> in a "Other" menu.Don't you think it would be a better place ?
>>> What would Libraries->Boost contain? Just the single boost package?
>> yes, but boost is a family of librairies. But anyway I don't really
>> care about that.
>>> --
>>> Bye, Peter Korsgaard
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