[Buildroot] Problem using Linux kernel archive from Gitorious

Stefan Fröberg stefan.froberg at petroprogram.com
Thu Jan 17 15:35:43 UTC 2013

17.1.2013 17:01, Thomas Petazzoni kirjoitti:
> The problem here is that since the filename doesn't end with .tar.gz,
> Buildroot doesn't know which extraction method to apply, and therefore
> doesn't apply any, which leads Buildroot to try to execute your tarball.
> Hum, I am not sure how to handle that. Should we try to extract simply
> with tar something that does not have an extension?

if you use tar with -a switch it is smart enough to extract it
correctly. Even if wrong extension or no extension at all.
For example:

mv bison-2.5.tar.gz bison-2.5.tar.xyz
tar -xaSvf bison-2.5.tar.xyz

mv bison-2.5.tar.gz bison-2.5
tar -xaSvf bison-2.5


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