[Buildroot] [PATCH v2] pkg-infra: add <pkg>_CONFIG_FIXUP to fix *-config files

Stefan Fröberg stefan.froberg at petroprogram.com
Thu Jan 10 21:15:02 UTC 2013

Hi Yann

10.1.2013 22:47, Yann E. MORIN kirjoitti:
> Stefan, All,
> On Thursday 10 January 2013 Thomas Petazzoni wrote:
>> On Thu, 10 Jan 2013 21:52:39 +0200, Stefan Fröberg wrote:
>>> For example:
>>> DIVINE_CONFIG_FIXUP = divine-config
>>> or for multiple files:
>>> IMAGEMAGICK_CONFIG_FIXUP = Magick-config Wand-config
>> I personally still believe that it is wrong to give just the filename
>> here and not the full path, i.e:
>> 	$(STAGING_DIR)/usr/bin/Magick-config \
>> 	$(SATGING_DIR)/usr/bin/Wand-config
>> With just the filename, my impression is that it is just too much magic
>> happening behind the scene.
> Agreed. But I'd leave away the $(STAGING_DIR), and give full paths relative
> to the staging dir:
> 	/usr/bin/Magick-config \
> 	/usr/bin/Wand-config
> And the infrastructure automatically adds it, instead of adding
> $(STAGING_DIR)/usr/bin as it does in this patch.
> Also, I find the _FIXUP suffix to be misleading. 'fixup' conveys the
> meaning that the flaws are fixed, so I'd naturally expect that the
> *-config scripts are fixed, while this implementation removes them.
> With _FIXUP, the developper may incorrectly conclude that some sed/awk/..
> magic is done on these scripts.
Well, uh... there *is* some sed magic done to those scripts. Almost half
of the those files in my
installation provide wrong prefix, wrong exec_prefix, and worst of all,
sometimes just
prefix and nothing else, not even includedir and libdir (but that's
another story, another patch).

> I'd suggest FOO_CONFIG_SCRIPTS which is neutral, and does not say what
> is done with these scripts, so reading the documentation is mandatory to
> understand what is done.
Good, but im not doing that documentation patch. Like I said to Thomas,
I really suck in this
documentation department.

> But, as Thomas, I don't have a strong opinion either. The current situation
> is OK, if not the "best in my eyes". ;-)
> Regards,
> Yann E. MORIN.
Nice, two Ok votes sofar.
Can the father (Gustavo) of this <pkg>_CONFIG_FIXUP  also give his vote ?


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