[Buildroot] Help needed with cross-compiling libotr

Stefan Fröberg stefan.froberg at petroprogram.com
Thu Feb 28 15:06:48 UTC 2013

28.2.2013 17:04, Stefan Fröberg kirjoitti:
> Hello all
> I have been trying to cross-compile libotr package that makes it possible,
> with the help of pidgin-otr plugin, to send encrypted messages with
> Pidgin IM software
> (which I already have successfully cross-compiled for buildroot and plan
> to submit soon).
> Now, the problem is that no matter what I do that damn package picks
> "-I/usr/include" somewhere
> and the build will fail complaining about undefined reference to
> __isoc99_sscanf (which it picks wrongly from
> host system stdio.h).
> Several remakes, autoreconf and configure switche changes and still no
> closer to success.
> Even grepped the source for -I/usr/include and the only place it shows
> it is from
> something called oldinclude from configure file...
> Im totally lost here.
> Could somebody more knowledgeable about autoconf/make please take a look
> of this package ?
> It's not big and the only dependencies it needs are libgcrypt and
> libgpg-error
> It can be downloaded from here:
> http://www.cypherpunks.ca/otr/pidgin-otr-4.0.0.tar.gz

I meant from here:

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