[Buildroot] HOWTO build a completely static php?

Thomas Petazzoni thomas.petazzoni at free-electrons.com
Tue Feb 26 19:07:24 UTC 2013

Dear Bob Smith,

On Tue, 26 Feb 2013 10:05:17 -0800, Bob Smith wrote:
> I would like to build a completely static executable for
> php.  What is the easiest way to do this?
> A separate, but easier to solve problem, will be to add
> a postgresql binding to it.  The goal is to run it on an
> Android system as a one-off project.

You don't have to build things statically to make things work in
Android. You can just add uClibc or glibc to Android, next to Bionic.

Just last week, Maxime Ripard and myself have helped Karim Yaghmour
integrate a root filesystem generated by Buildroot directly into
Android, it worked like a charm. Basically, just build a Buildroot
system as usual (select a tarball root filesystem image), and then
extract this tarball in the root directory of the Android filesystem.
Since a Linux filesystem and Android filesystem use completely
different paths for the libraries and binaries, it just works without
any problem.

Karim has written a small modification to the Android build system to
automate the integration of such a Buildroot generated filesystem. He
has said he will share this small piece of code, but I know he is busy
traveling at the moment, so he might takes a bit of time before it gets

Best regards,

Thomas Petazzoni, Free Electrons
Kernel, drivers, real-time and embedded Linux
development, consulting, training and support.

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