[Buildroot] force buildroot to regenerate the output/target directory tree

Francesco Montorsi francesco.montorsi at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 20:02:32 UTC 2013

Jérôme Pouiller <jezz at ...> writes:
> > does a "rm -rf output/target && make" works?
> As Thomas said, it does not work. But, some unofficial hacks exist:
>   * remove build/.root will force to reinstall skeleton
>   * remove build/*/.stamp_target_installed force reinstall each target package
>   * depending of you toolchain, you can reinstall libc and co by removing
>       # stamps/ext-toolchain-installed (external)
>       # stamps/ct-ng-toolchain-installed (ctng)
>       # target/lib/libc.so.0 (buildroot)
> Remind, there are ton of reasons these tips could do wrong things. The only 
> current official way to rebuild target is "make clean".
I will test this approach next time, after doing a backup copy :)

Anyway I think it would be nice to have an additional target in the buildroot 
Makefile which does the operations above (with possible additional quirks) :)


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