[Buildroot] force buildroot to regenerate the output/target directory tree

Francesco Montorsi francesco.montorsi at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 19:59:42 UTC 2013

Thomas Petazzoni <thomas.petazzoni at ...> writes:
> > does a "rm -rf output/target && make" works? 
> No, it doesn't work, and as of today, there isn't really a simple and
> reliable way of doing that.
ok... I think it would be nice to add one, though!
> How long is your entire build? What is your configuration (post
> your .config if possible)? Do you have an external toolchain? Have you
> used ccache? Are you perhaps building inside a virtual machine and/or
> on a slow laptop?
my build is about 1h on an core i5... yes: I'm using ccache.
Anyway, it's not really a matter of compilation flags / development machine. The 
point is that in a development stage I often find myself doing several small 
changes in the configuration files and other stuff (in a SVN environment); then 
I copy them in the output/target tree... my point is that I would like to be 
sure that there are no leftovers from previous cp commands I issued.

Perhaps I can do:
  make   # in buildroot folder
  cp -rf output/target output/targetVANILLA
  cp -rf /mystuff output/target
  make   # to generate images containing my customized stuff in output/images

and then

  rm -rf output/target 
  cp -rf output/targetVANILLA output/target

to start over in the future.

Perhaps skeletons are the most clean way to do that... I will look into it as 
soon as I find the time!


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