[Buildroot] [PATCH] add pre-build script. Patch v2

Joe Halpin jhalpin at luminatorusa.com
Thu Feb 14 14:29:36 UTC 2013

No, just hit thee wrong button, sorry. I've copied the list here


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  You didn't reply to the list, was that intentional?


On 14/02/13 15:24, Joe Halpin wrote:
> In our environment we have a standardized directory for downloaded
> source tarballs. The location of the build tree for each developer can
> vary on each of their machines. For example, one developer might put
> development tree under his home directory, another under /opt or some
> other base.
> So one use case would be to figure out the full path to the tarball
> directory before the build, and create a symlink in place of the dl
> directory which points to the central location.
> We have been using the menuconfig option to define the source download
> directory (Build options-> Download dir), but (since we can't predict
> the absolute path to the download directory) this requires us to keep
> all buildroot directories at the same level from the project base, and
> use a relative path. That becomes inconvenient when we tag release
> candidates, because we'd like to have a version directory added to the
> path to the tagged directory. For example, the path to trunk might be
> /opt/dev/<project>/trunk/module1 (module2 ...)
> But the path to a tag would have to be at the same level, so we wind
> with
> /opt/dev/<project>/tags/module1-v1
>                          module1-v2
>                          module2-v1
>                          module2-v2
> etc, when what we'd like to have is
> /opt/dev/<project>/tags/version-1.0/module1 (module 2 ...)
> /opt/dev/<project>/tags/version-1.1/module1 (module 2 ...)
> and so forth. This isn't at the same level as the trunk though, so the
> path to the source tarballs has to be absolute.
> I probably could have explained that better, if it's not clear I'll
> again.
> Sorry about the patch, this is my first time submitting one. I'll redo
> it with the changes you asked for.
> One question though about the TARGET_DIR. My script doesn't care about
> it so I missed that. What would you suggest I use instead? I was
> thinking about using the current directory (./), which at that point I
> believe would be the base buildroot directory.
> Also, sorry about top-posting, I'm condemned to use Outlook here,
> doesn't quote things properly.
> Thanks
> Joe
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> From: Arnout Vandecappelle [mailto:arnout at mind.be]
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> To: Joe Halpin
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> Subject: Re: [Buildroot] [PATCH] add pre-build script
> On 13/02/13 14:54, Joe Halpin wrote:
>> This is a patch to add a pre-build script, which runs before the
>> starts. This lets us setup symlinks and such before the build starts,
>> which makes things easier and cleaner for us. Maybe it will for other
>> people too. This was made from the 20.12.11 release.
>    Could you clarify a bit more what the use case is? Then we can
> consider
> if there are maybe better ways to achieve it.
>    Also, a properly formatted patch has a commit message which is
> formatted as follows: a single summary line of max. 80 characters, an
> empty line, one or more paragraphs explaining why the patch is
> necessary,
> your Signed-off-by line, a line containing three dashes, the patch
> changelog (if you resubmit it). Look at other patches on the list for
> examples. And you should send the patch with git send-email or
> so that whitespace is retained and we can comment in-line.
>    Regarding the patch itself: why do you pass $(TARGET_DIR) as an
> argument? Since the 'dirs' step comes after the 'prepare' step,
> $(TARGET_DIR) doesn't exist yet...
>    Regards,
>    Arnout

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