[Buildroot] Report from the Buildroot Developers Meeting

Stefan Fröberg stefan.froberg at petroprogram.com
Tue Feb 12 11:55:57 UTC 2013

>> What to do with systemd/udev/eudev: we try to use the udev from
>> systemd without systemd. Exactly how we don't know yet... There's a
>> risk that udev becomes unusable without systemd, but Leonard
>> Poettering promised this would not happen. After a quick look, it
>> turns out that you always end up building systemd, which requires
>> dbus, even if you need only udev. So it makes the systemd source
>> tarball a bit unpractical to build a system that uses udev only, and
>> doesn't need systemd. Probably an indication that we should have a
>> look at eudev? How would this interact with the systemd selection?
>> What about incompatibilities between udev and eudev? 
> What about using a different udev version with or without systemd? This
> would allow using a recent systemd version while systems without it
> could use the old udev or eudev, even as an option.

Here's what Linux from Scratch project does


They just rip the udev off from the latest systemd tarball
(systemd-197.tar.xz) and use that.

>> Switching to ct-ng as the default toolchain backend has been in the
>> plans for several years. But since it's not the default backend it
>> isn't getting a lot of attention (example: for several months it was
>> broken, libraries were not copied to the target, and it took a lot of
>> time for somebody to notice). 
> Regarding the toolchain I want to say that I really like buildroot's
> ability to build a toolchain.

Ditto. I like it too that buildroot has all in the box and that I don't
need to have any
separate cross-compiler toolchain installed.
And also the fact that I don't have to muck with any possible config
of external cross-compiler.


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