[Buildroot] [PATCH] strongswan: new package

Jérôme Pouiller jezz at sysmic.org
Tue Feb 12 11:19:32 UTC 2013

On Friday 08 February 2013 19:02:47 Thomas Petazzoni wrote:
> Dear Jérôme Pouiller,
> A few comments (at the top because the patch is big and the comments
> are very general) :
>  * Are you sure we need gazillions of configuration options like you
>    had? It seems like you went on by adding one kconfig option for each
>    option the ./configure script provides. This is generally not what
>    we do. Package what you need, possibly with some kconfig options,
>    and then people can progressively extend that with more options as
>    needed.
I confess, I used perl to make it. 

I am not final user of this package. It's difficult to choose which options 
are usefull to present. I tried to do my best in following version.

[...other comments...]

New patch follows.

Jérôme Pouiller, Sysmic
Embedded Linux specialist

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