[Buildroot] [PATCH] aircrack-ng: new package

Stefan Fröberg stefan.froberg at petroprogram.com
Sat Feb 9 12:18:19 UTC 2013

Hi Thomas

9.2.2013 14:01, Thomas Petazzoni kirjoitti:
> Dear Stefan Fröberg,
> On Sat, 09 Feb 2013 13:45:39 +0200, Stefan Fröberg wrote:
>> Ah, but now I see it.
>> That -Werror thing.
>> I always define -Wno-error in my buildroot CFLAGS because
>> I hate it when people think that their code is perfect (it newer is,
>> and neither is my code) and
>> stop compiling because warnings.
>> That's why my compilationg with 4.5 succeeded.
> Indeed, if the reason the compilation fails is because of -Werror, then
> remove -Werror from the compilation flags, and use the stable 1.1
> release rather than the SVN version.
> Best regards,
> Thomas

I Agree.
It's always good to take the latest stable version (if there is any) as
starting point and included in buildroot.
And after that is kosher, then maybe go for the latest and greatest
bleeding edge version.


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