[Buildroot] [PATCH 2/2] package/tzdata: new package

Danomi Manchego danomimanchego123 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 26 02:02:50 UTC 2013

+       mkdir -p $(TARGET_DIR)/usr/share/zoneinfo
+       cp -a $(@D)/_output/* $(TARGET_DIR)/usr/share/zoneinfo
+       cd $(TARGET_DIR)/usr/share/zoneinfo;    \
+       for zone in posix/*; do                 \
+           ln -s "$${zone}" "$${zone##*/}";    \
+       done


Today, a co-worker applied these patches, and ran into a small problem
during the install phase.  He had made a mistake while applying the
companion zic patch, which caused the tzdata package to stop.  Then,
after he fixed his mistake, the tzdata failed to install, because the
'ln -s' failed to overwrite symlinks that already exist.  So I think
that it might be good to add an 'rm -f "$${zone##*/}";' before the 'ln
-s'.  (Or at least make it an 'ln -sf', though I personally am
distrustful of 'ln -sf' due to sometimes unexpected behavior when the
target of the symlink is a directory.)

Danomi -

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