[Buildroot] Using external toolchain wrapper outside of buildroot

Daniel Nyström daniel.nystrom at timeterminal.se
Wed Feb 20 15:17:59 UTC 2013

Hi Greg

On Fri, Feb 15, 2013 at 12:22 PM, Greg Beresford
<greg.beresford at zbdsolutions.com> wrote:
> I've attached a patch with a fix below which calculates absbasedir from /proc/self/exe. (I don't know of any other way of reliably getting the path to the current executable.) My C is rusty though, so it might need to be fixed up before it's applied. (Was there a reason for avoiding the basename and dirname functions from libgen.h?)

I've tested it and it solved my problems with the external toolchain.
I can't find any obvious C flaws either, so for what it's worth:

Acked-by: Daniel Nyström <daniel.nystrom at timeterminal.se>

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