[Buildroot] Advice on buildroot implementation

Gregory Perry Gregory.Perry at govirtual.tv
Tue Feb 19 23:03:41 UTC 2013

Hello again,

Does anyone have some advice on using buildroot to create a LiveCD filesystem?

Here are the requirements:

1) Universal boot support on any x86 hardware platform;
2) Read only (UnionFS or OverlayFS); and
2) NFS root capabilities after kernel/initrd launch (if the ISO is PXE-boostrapped)

The problems I am seeing with this approach so far (at least from the NFS 
root perspective) is that things like /lib/firmware are not accessible during the
boot process which hangs the boot process.

Has anyone successfully created a buildroot install that can be used over a 
read only NFS mount?  How did you get around issues like eth0 firmware not
being accessible during the initial boot?

Thanks in advance

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