[Buildroot] Can I make USB sound card be available over BT? How?

W.P. laurentp at wp.pl
Sun Feb 17 23:56:23 UTC 2013

Hi there,
I have following setup:
router with USB - TP-LINK MR-3220,
USB 2.0 hub,
CSR BT USB dongle plugged to hub,
"USB audio card" plugged to the same hub.

I use (successfully) this "card" to play internet radio (wget | madplay).

Now I want to enable this router to act as HF (stereo, A2DP?) device 
over Bluetooth.
What modules (programs) I need,
and most important:how to configure it?

Current software is OpenWRT trunk 33310, compiled at home.
[I am not "purist", I don't need WWW interface..., so I may switch to 
pure buildroot, if I find the "solution"]

[same question on OpenWRT forum is still w/o response... :( ]

[BTW, anyone interested in serial(USB maybe) IR transceiver? based on 
ATMega328P, LIRC compatible] - working with ANY serial (including 
USB->serial dongles)


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