[Buildroot] [PATCH 0/1] [Re-submitted] openpgm: new package

Alexander Lukichev alexander.lukichev at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 10:47:30 UTC 2013

The patch has been improved according to community suggestions:
- legal information supplied;
- OPENPGM_SUBDIR is used instead of a post extract hook;
- more recent release of the package is used;
- cross-compilation fix uses cached values instead of hard-coded ones.

The last thing has been implemented as recommended in Autoconf manual
for cross-compilation-friendly runtime tests. Direct caching of
pgm_unaligned_pointers variable produced a warning during autoreconfigure
that said that only variables containing _cv_ were cached, and
ac_cv_lbl_unaligned_fail was already used in Buildroot, so I based the
test on that one and set pgm_unaligned_pointers later from its result.

Re-submitted patch: [PATCH 1/1] openpgm: new package

Best regards,
  Alexander Lukichev

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