[Buildroot] kernel drivers

Zoran Djordjevic djdjdjole at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 11 20:13:28 UTC 2013

My question is mostly theoretical, so I will be much obliged if I'll be pointed at some links, although
(as Buildroot user) I am interested in the way I can do things with Buildroot. What I would like to 
know is how can I incorporate some new kernel driver (having it's source) into kernel build? First, where 
should I put it in kernel source tree, then can I compile it independently, without rebuilding whole kernel 
(I imagine modules can do the job)?
How can I compile it as a module or to be more precise, do I write driver in some special way to be a module? 
(I see that Buildroot offers some driver to be choosed for module compiling or to be part of monolitic kernel).
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