[Buildroot] simple(?) question about OpenWRT

W.P. laurentp at wp.pl
Fri Feb 8 03:30:10 UTC 2013

Hi there,
I am posting here since OpenWRT build system looks buildroot based.

I'd like to know, how to DISABLE (using menus or something similar) ALL 
the *_tables related stuff.
Cause if I disable (now) it, it builds *_tables modules anyway.
And in my application (firmware for MR3220, 4M flash) it is a problem (I 
need BlueZ + Bash there :( ).

This device is NOT intended to work as router, only as AP + WDS. 
(+AnyRemote host + internet radio).

For now I used (discouraged, I know) "hand crafting" .config file,
but this leads to "your config is out of sync" warning...


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