[Buildroot] Wireless config tool

Dimitrios Siganos dimitris at siganos.org
Mon Feb 4 20:52:03 UTC 2013

On 04/02/13 18:17, Stephen Turner wrote:
> My current question is if im using a mobile device that will be 
> connecting to various wifi hotspots i will need to be able to setup 
> wifi connections easily from a gui. currently with buildroot i only 
> see the option to manually edit configs to set up hotspots. Is there a 
> tool im overlooking currently in buildroot to help with this setup or 
> will i need to manually add one in? Im looking for something similiar 
> to wicd or how a android device would manage wifi connections.

Hi Stephen,

I am not aware of a simple answer to your question. The major options are:

* network-manager
* wicd
* connman

Network manager is a gnome project and it does expect rather a lot of 
desktop support. It's possible but not simple.

Wicd I don't know much about but it sounds like you do and it won't do.

Connman is a new framework that is targeted to the embedded space so 
that is your best bet. I have never used it myself and don't know any 
details about it.

Other notes:
* openwrt have a web server driven configuration interface that you 
might want to look at
* Android do their own thing (don't have more details)

What kind of graphical environemwnt do you have?
What kind of Wifi network do you want to connect to? (open, wpa 
personal, wpa enterprise)


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