[Buildroot] builroot-2012.11.tar.bz2: CVS control directory left in toolchain/elf2flt/elf2flt

Thierry Bultel thierry.bultel at wanadoo.fr
Thu Dec 13 21:45:07 UTC 2012

Le 13/12/2012 22:30, Peter Korsgaard a écrit :
>>>>>> "Thierry" == Thierry Bultel <thierry.bultel at wanadoo.fr> writes:
>   Thierry> FYI
>   Thierry> Thierry
> Yes, that's on purpose. Elf2flt doesn't have releases, so the easiest
> way of working with it is from an existing CVS checkout, atleast that
> was how it was back when it was added in 2006.
> Now, it hasn't really been updated in buildroot since then, so I doubt
> people are really using it - Perhaps we should deprecate it?
Actually I am not using it either.
The CVS dir came in conflict with my versioning system and that is how I 
noticed it.

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