[Buildroot] Getting It into Compact Flash

Ted Wood ted at fgh.co.uk
Thu Dec 13 16:00:34 UTC 2012

> >ext3 too (CONFIG_EXT4_USE_FOR_EXT23). There is currently no way to 
> >build an ext3 or ext4 image (you need to use tune2fs with some magic 
> >to enable the new features), but with the configuration I'm 
> >suggesting, you'll have good support for every ext file system.

OK. Got it. Understood. Thank you.

It now boots but does not open a login shell. 

menuConfig has a default login terminal ttyS0 - presumably this is for a
serial port?

Code is running on an i586 single board computer with keyboard and monitor

I've tried building the code for tty0 and tty1.

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