[Buildroot] can-utils or site method git broken

Stephan Hoffmann sho at relinux.de
Sat Dec 1 12:42:09 UTC 2012

Am 30.11.2012 20:51, schrieb Peter Korsgaard:
>>>>>> "Stephan" == Stephan Hoffmann <sho at relinux.de> writes:
>  Stephan> Hi,
>  Stephan> I am currently trying to build can-utils without success. Obviously,
>  Stephan> getting the required commit from gitorious.org fails. I verified that I
>  Stephan> can clone the repo by hand and that it contains the right hash.
>  Stephan> Configuration: beaglebone_defconfig, added can-utils, branch
>  Stephan> master from today (82583bf4), Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.
> Odd, it works here:
> make can-utils-patch
I tried this in a fresh cloned buildroot with the same result.

My git is which does not seem too outdated to me.

Git bisect tells me that the cause ispackage/pkg-autotools.mk
> commit 3dd4bcf1eb55f957dba2351f3626933f06adb107
> Author: Arnout Vandecappelle (Essensium/Mind) <arnout at mind.be>
> Date:   Thu Nov 1 02:21:05 2012 +0100
>     pkg-download: Make a shallow clone for git downloads
The problem is that my git only gives a warning and uses HEAD when the
remote branch does not exist. Then "git archive" fails because it does
not find the requested commit.

A soluton could be to check success of "git archive" instead of "git
clone". I will send a patch for this soon.

Kind regards

>>>> can-utils 836d3cc0122ce31a1b732d369cbd27b690c3110f Downloading
> Cloning into bare repository 'can-utils-836d3cc0122ce31a1b732d369cbd27b690c3110f'...
> warning: Could not find remote branch 836d3cc0122ce31a1b732d369cbd27b690c3110f to clone.
> fatal: Remote branch 836d3cc0122ce31a1b732d369cbd27b690c3110f not found in upstream origin
> Cloning into bare repository 'can-utils-836d3cc0122ce31a1b732d369cbd27b690c3110f'...
> remote: Counting objects: 732, done.
> remote: Compressing objects: 100% (253/253), done.
> remote: Total 732 (delta 485), reused 706 (delta 468)
> Receiving objects: 100% (732/732), 221.56 KiB | 118 KiB/s, done.
> Resolving deltas: 100% (485/485), done.
>>>> can-utils 836d3cc0122ce31a1b732d369cbd27b690c3110f Extracting
> gzip -d -c /var/lib/downloads/can-utils-836d3cc0122ce31a1b732d369cbd27b690c3110f.tar.gz | tar --strip-components=1 -C /home/peko/source/buildroot/output/build/can-utils-836d3cc0122ce31a1b732d369cbd27b690c3110f  -xf -
>>>> can-utils 836d3cc0122ce31a1b732d369cbd27b690c3110f Patching package//can-utils
>>>> can-utils 836d3cc0122ce31a1b732d369cbd27b690c3110f  Updating config.sub and config.guess
> for file in config.guess config.sub; do for i in $(find /home/peko/source/buildroot/output/build/can-utils-836d3cc0122ce31a1b732d369cbd27b690c3110f -name $file); do cp support/gnuconfig/$file $i; done; done
>>>> can-utils 836d3cc0122ce31a1b732d369cbd27b690c3110f Patching libtool
> Do you have an old git version on your build machine? I have

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