[Buildroot] User-enabled host packages?

Luca Ceresoli list at lucaceresoli.net
Fri Sep 30 21:57:02 UTC 2011

Hi Thomas,

Thomas Petazzoni wrote:

>> Of course, explicit host packages will be treated the same way as
>> dependency-host-packages on Config.in level, but I don't think this is
>> a problem.
> Not sure what you mean here, but that raises the question of
> dependencies between host packages.
I'm also unsure about what Thomas (De Schampheleire) means here, but this
could be read as a feature as well.
A package such as omap-u-boot-utils can be required to build an OMAP-signed
image, thus being a dependency-host-package, or standalone to interact with
the target, thus being an explicit host package.
"Being treated in the same way" means it would work in both cases without
additional effort...

>>> All these Config.in.host
>>>    files are included in a single "Packages ->  Host utitities"
>>> submenu, from package/Config.in. There is no need to create
>>> subsections in this menu at the moment, since the number of
>>> utilities shown here is suspected to remain limited.
>> If you want to add the new menu under Packages, then the description
>> of that menu should change. Currently it is:
>> "Package Selection for the target"
>> A proposal is simply:
>> "Package selection"
>> The alternative is as proposed earlier: to put the menu at top-level.
> No strong opinion here. Perhaps a new top-level menu is better, I don't
> know.

I personally feel a top-level menu would be better, leaving the "packages"
menu to list what has to be on the target.


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