[Buildroot] Minimal X-system for ARM ?

Vellemans, Noel Noel.Vellemans at visionBMS.com
Tue Sep 13 13:12:11 UTC 2011

Hi all, 

I wonder if someone can tell me where to find a 'requirements' list that
tells me what I have to build (select)  in order to get a minimal
X-SYSTEM running (for an ARM powered device)?

[ there are so many possible options (in buildroot) that it is nearly
impossible to try them all ] 

In other words is there someone out there that can provide me a working
buildroot configuration that allows me to build a minimal-X-system.

Or a link to a webpage describing what the requirements are for a
minimal X-system, would also be welcome. 

Regards Noel. 

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