[Buildroot] [Bug 4363] Make sure that copied linux and busybox defconfig are writable before modifying

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Sat Oct 22 22:48:18 UTC 2011


--- Comment #2 from Danomi Mocelopolis <d_mo1234 at yahoo.com> 2011-10-22 22:48:17 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #1)
> Is it required to also modify the group permission? I'd expect u+rw to be
> enough.

I'm okay with u+rw.

> Moreover, can we safely assume that the read permission is already set, so that
> u+w is the only thing that needs to happen?

I suppose, but why not do u+rw anyway?  I site the line that
fixes permissions after uncompressing package archives in

    $(Q)chmod -R +rw $(@D)

But for my purposes, getting the +w would be good enough, if you feel
strongly about this.

(BTW, not sure if "+rw" is better than "u+rw".  I always specify
the u or ug.  The man for chmod leads me to believe that +rw might
open up beyond u depending on the umask setting.  Again, I'm not
picky on this point.)

> Thirdly, the same problem is probably present for many other locations, for
> example the uclibc config file, the default target skeleton (that you may want
> to modify from a post-build script) etc.
> To cater for your version control system (Clearcase?) all this should be fixed
> as well...

Actually, we're using Perforce, but I don't think that this is 
catering to Perforce in particular.  I think this would happen with 
any of the non-distributed version control systems (rcs, cvs, svn, ...).

But I think you're right, that this probably effects any place
that there is a copy from a non-derived file, or a copy from
a file that wasn't untared by GENTARGETS, and a subsequent
edit of that file is attempted.  I just had to fix the ones that 
screwed my own projects, I didn't try to find other places.

So, I have made another patch that includes the changes in the
first patch, plus uclibc and target skeleton copies, plus any
other untar opts that I could find.  See what you think.

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