[Buildroot] [RFC] Request for comments on branch for-2011.11/host-tools

Luca Ceresoli list at lucaceresoli.net
Sun Oct 2 20:19:05 UTC 2011

Thomas Petazzoni wrote:

> Hello,
> Here is a small set of patches implementing the recent discussion we
> had about exposing host utilities. It exposes host-uboot-tools and
> host-openocd into a new "Host utilities" main menu.
> This is just to see if this looks like something that matches what we
> discussed, and something that Peter would accept.
I like it. It looks very clean, no hach nor code reorganization was required.
BTW, this means BR is well structured, so congratulations to it authors!

I'm sending a few notes in reply to the patches, but I ack the general


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