[Buildroot] Syslinux host and target build

Will Moore will.moore at beraninstruments.com
Wed Oct 26 15:21:57 UTC 2011

I use a syslinux host build to generate a bootable USB flash drive on to which I
install the buildroot built kernel and rootfs.

I also build syslinux for the target that I include in the buildroot rootfs to
allow the target device, as booted from the USB flash drive, to generate
bootable PATA (aka IDE) flash drives - a sort of self installer.

I would like to get buildroot to build the host and target syslinux for me.  I
am just not sure how to go about it!  I have tried adjusting the existing
syslinux.mk to make the SYSLINUX_BUILD/INSTALL_CMDS build for the target, added
HOST_SYSLINUX_BUILD/INSTALL_CMDS for a host build and added $(eval $(call
GENTARGETS,boot,syslinux,host)) but the host build doesn't seem to get run.  I
conclude I don't know what I am doing :)

I also believe that we are currently just calling "make" where as the syslinux
/doc/distrib.txt requests that we call "make clean" "make installer" instead.



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